Gothic Style Shoot at Guildford Cathedral – Lisa Yurchenko

After a little chat we had following a photo society lecture, Lisa got in touch with the idea for a Goth inspired shoot at the Guildford cathedral. With little to no time for planning, we decided to wing it early one Saturday morning.

Thanks to exams and coursework it was my first time shooting anything properly for 2 odd months! It felt strange trying to get back into the swing of it, but Lisa was an amazing model who offered plenty of creative to and fro to get the process moving.

It was so windy up there my soft-box, weighted down with all my camera kit and Lisa’s bag still wouldn’t stay upright !

All of the key-light in the photos was from a speed-light (Metz hammerhead!) fired into an eBay purchased 24″/60cm soft-box which i got delivered for around £35.

Some of my favourite shots from the morning:

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