Chromatic Play – Interactive light installation

Chromatic Play is a sculptural installation at Guildford Castle created by visual artist and researcher Tine Bech and the Surrey Light Project, an interdisciplinary research project at the University of Surrey. The exhibition relates to research interests of the artist and project team, and it also represents an important collaboration between Guildford Borough Council and the University of Surrey, through the medium of public art.  MILES

I was contacted by artist (and researcher) Tine Bech about whether i’d be up for building and programming an interactive electronic lighting system for a lighting project in the Guildford Castle. We had worked on an light based project before where I built and programmed the electronics behind the Light Pot. With this project being in a heritage space, we had some serious constraints placed on us, the castle itself could not be touched, nothing could be fixed to the walls. The entire system was built from the ground up with the inclusion of wireless modules and a central point of control (PCB Design, production, right up to programming all custom) to suite these needs. More information can be found on Tine’s site here:

A video from Tine showing the “creatures” as they came to be known, in action:

Chromatic Play from Tine Bech on Vimeo.


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