Guildford Photo Walk 2013

Every year the society has a photo walk around Guildford in the first few weeks of the semester. This is great to get everybody talking and to learn a little about what’s around the local area.

This year we had a record number of people come, i think our highest headcount on the day was 44 people!

With this being england, about half way through the rain got pretty heavy, seeking cover we decided to grab lunch earlier and managed to take over a corner of wetherspoons in town (which is huge!).

I spent most of time trying to teach and demo various techniques but i did manage to get some candid snaps and a few posed photos of one.


Some photos from a demonstration of shutter speed to get motion blur:

In both of these photos i asked Taufik to just walk past me. For the first photo (left) the camera was set to auto, for the second (right) it was set to shutter priority and i wound down the shutter to 1/30 th of a second. When i shot the frame I was following Taufik with the camera, the resulting capture emphasising the fact that he was moving.

Something similar shot a little later on:


Overcast Skies make for great soft portrait light

During some of our brief stops Sarah kindly agreed to model a few shots for, she is super comfortable and a real natural in front of the camera, modelling career Sarah ?

Keep practicing that Brenizer Method

A little later on, toward the end of the trip i got a chance to get a brenizer shot out. Hadent done one in a while, once again Sarah kindly agreed to help out 🙂

Candid Snaps

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