Shooting Film – Rolleicord Medium Format

I feel there will always be a special place for film in the art or practice of photography. It has a palpable quality to it which, no matter how hard we try, we cannot imitate  digitally.

A close friend, Bill (yes, he’s a real), kindly lent me his Rolleicord (Shown Below) for my first delve  into medium format photography. I wont be the first or the last to say, a camera like this really changes the way you shoot. For starters, since the view finder is on the top, you naturally shoot from lower down, more like just above waist height. Although its the best ‘liveview’ you’ll see on a camera!

Below are some scans after an evening in the dark room, the biggest struggle personally was the square format. I just couldn’t decide on framing in most instances.

Of course, many thanks to my beautiful friend Markela for being so patient whilst I was twiddling the focus knob and looking through the magnifier. Also for reading my mind and bringing along her big fluffy coat. Shh, she is a B&W film fan too…

Rolleicord Vb medium format camera, c. 1970. Photo by:

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