Strobist Shooting with Chalk

We decided for this meeting to see how well chalk appears when backlit. Turns out, pretty well! Andy and I couldn’t find any ground chalk so we ended up buying and literally grating some jumbo chalks!  Not something i would advise if you can avoid it but it appears to work!

The Setup

The image below shows the two light stands used in the lighting setup, the front flash was shot through a brolly whilst the one at the back was left bare. Later on a 3rd light was added to bring out some of the texture in the brick wall.


This was one of my favorite shots. Ben Porter, wish you had kept your eyes open!

So, i couldn’t help it when Stavros lit up a cigarette. Back-lit smoke be cool and this cross lighting setup just made him look badass. Slight addition of a course high pass layer to give it that sketchbook look. Its rare i stray that far but i think it works for this image.

I think its fair to say Andy put his heart into this one!

Geofrey Grimes showing us how you use the magical fairy dust. I should probably say I kind of made him do this.

And…Dotty, because she’s cool and was happy to stand in for our lighting setup.


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