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Guildford Photo Walk 2013

Every year the society has a photo walk around Guildford in the first few weeks of the semester. This is great to get everybody talking and to learn a little about what’s around the local area. This year we had a record number of people come, i think our highest headcount on the day was 44 people! With this being england, about half way through the rain got pretty heavy, seeking cover we decided to grab lunch earlier and managed to take over a corner of wetherspoons in town (which is huge!). I spent most of time trying to teach and […]

PhotoSoc Mini Lecture – Exposure

So this is a summary of today’s lecture. Because of the room change and various technical challenges I never had time to show you the demos i wanted to which really help understand these settings. I tried battling with the union site but it doesn’t like me, so im posting here for now and will transfer it later. What is Exposure ? Essentially exposure is the image we create whilst letting light fall onto the cameras sensor. It is controlled by 3 separate camera function each of which we discuss below. The word “exposure” is quite literally referring to how […]

Guildford at Night

We decided ( on Takugo Miwa’s suggestion) to arrange a trip for the society to shoot in town, later at night in a group. This would be good prep for our London at Night trip which should happen shortly. It was a great opportunity to explore the difficulties of shooting at night in a familiar place. Although the weather did its best to hamper our efforts, we continued regardless 🙂 Here are some of my shots from the evening, mostly just trying things out.    

Strobist Shooting with Chalk

So we decided for this meeting to see how well chalk appears when backlit. Turns out, pretty well! Andy and I couldn’t find any ground chalk so we ended up buying and literally grating some jumbo chalks!  Not something i would advise if you can avoid it but it appears to work! The Setup The image below shows the two light stands used in the lighting setup, the front flash was shot through a brolly whilst the one at the back was left bare. Later on a 3rd light was added to bring out some of the texture in the brick […]