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Pictures I’ve taken for fun usually whilst enjoying the company of family and friends.
Photography is not the main focus of the event for me.

A Weekend in Oxford

Some photographs from a weekend exploring Oxford with Michelle ūüôā – In the hotel waiting for the rain to die down before finding a place for some dinner ūüôā A trip to the botanic garden: Exploring ūüôā –¬†Hertford Bridge, popularly known as¬†the Bridge of Sighs ( The Radcliffe Camera ( Michelle with her new hat ūüôā

Guildford at Night

We decided ( on¬†Takugo Miwa’s suggestion) to arrange a trip for the society to shoot in town, later at night in a group. This would be good prep for our London at Night trip which should happen shortly. It was a great¬†opportunity¬†to explore the difficulties of shooting at night in a familiar place. Although the weather did its best to hamper our efforts, we continued regardless ūüôā Here are some of my shots from the evening, mostly just trying things out.    

Chromatic Play – Interactive light installation

Chromatic Play¬†is a sculptural installation at Guildford¬†Castle¬†created by visual artist and researcher Tine Bech and the Surrey Light Project, an interdisciplinary research project at the¬†University¬†of¬†Surrey. The exhibition relates to research interests of the artist and project team, and it also represents an important collaboration between Guildford Borough Council and the¬†University¬†of¬†Surrey, through the medium of public art. ¬†MILES I was contacted by artist (and researcher) Tine Bech about whether i’d be up for building and¬†programming¬†an interactive electronic lighting system for a lighting project in the¬†Guildford¬†Castle. We had worked on an light based project before where I built and programmed the electronics […]

Strobist Practice – Playing Catchup

Although these photos were taken a very long time ago but never had the chance to do more than copy them off the card at the time. I had since¬†largely¬†forgotten about them. Even without¬†processing¬†they served their purpose of learning through practice. Both Andy and I wanted some practice with ‘on the spot’ lighting set-ups. So, after a quick scout of the¬†foyer we decided on some photo ideas then lit them in turns. Feedback encouraged ūüôā