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Nick and Yiota’s Wedding

My first posed shot of bride and groom. I’ve been assisting my uncle on a few of his jobs recently. I spotted a location i though would be nice to shoot and he encouraged me to take the shot. He posed the bride and groom the rest is me 🙂

Ivy Arts Centre Exhibition

The University of Surrey Photo Society was asked to provide some photos for the walls of the brand new Ivy Arts Centre Building on campus. Although it was in the middle of exam week, we managed to arrange a shoot with some willing dance students. We had a great time shooting these and some are now on display in the new centre:       Some other photos from the shoots:

Strobist Shooting with Chalk

So we decided for this meeting to see how well chalk appears when backlit. Turns out, pretty well! Andy and I couldn’t find any ground chalk so we ended up buying and literally grating some jumbo chalks!  Not something i would advise if you can avoid it but it appears to work! The Setup The image below shows the two light stands used in the lighting setup, the front flash was shot through a brolly whilst the one at the back was left bare. Later on a 3rd light was added to bring out some of the texture in the brick […]