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Little Red Dress – Exploring the Forest

Michelle and I have both come to enjoy exploring (a nice word for purposely getting lost in) the forests and footpaths around Guildford.  Barely 10 minute walk and the hustle of the town becomes quiet and tranquil woodland and farmland. Given the ever shorter days and impending winter weather, this time we set out not to wander aimlessly, but with a photo assignment. It was sunday, bored of work in the lab, the sun was out and it hadn’t rained over night, so, off we went. The little red dress; I had seen it before, both in Michelle’s (not so limited) […]

Practicing the Brenizer Technique

Ryan Brenizer‘s work was first introduced to me by a close friend (for those who know him, Andy P) and I’ve been a fan since. His site has entered into my daily site check rota. He has an obvious passion for photography but its more his thirst for ever evolving and developing his goody bag of techniques that i find most fascinating. From instantaneous flash, continuous video light or even iPhone right down to spotting strange, astray splashes of light in a parking lot, the way he has learned to observe his surrounding for light is admirable. The Brenizer Technique has also been […]

Strobist Practice – Playing Catchup

Although these photos were taken a very long time ago but never had the chance to do more than copy them off the card at the time. I had since largely forgotten about them. Even without processing they served their purpose of learning through practice. Both Andy and I wanted some practice with ‘on the spot’ lighting set-ups. So, after a quick scout of the foyer we decided on some photo ideas then lit them in turns. Feedback encouraged 🙂

Strobist Shooting with Chalk

So we decided for this meeting to see how well chalk appears when backlit. Turns out, pretty well! Andy and I couldn’t find any ground chalk so we ended up buying and literally grating some jumbo chalks!  Not something i would advise if you can avoid it but it appears to work! The Setup The image below shows the two light stands used in the lighting setup, the front flash was shot through a brolly whilst the one at the back was left bare. Later on a 3rd light was added to bring out some of the texture in the brick […]