University of Surrey – Graduation Ceremony B – 2012

Some casual snaps from our graduation day. A few more to be added shortly…

Louis: Gabi, i need you, I need a good intro for my graduation photo blog post

Gabriel Acorda: Don’t worry dude, I’ve got you covered. Do you want standard cheese, or pungent cheese, which stings the nostrils…

Louis: The latter, naturally

Gabriel Acorda: It’s coming to me….

Gabriel Acorda: 5 years ago, we came together in a place that gave us the hope and desire to achieve things we never thought imaginable. As individuals, we wanted to become a part of that elite group which would carry the world to the next generation of greatness and brilliance. Today I say, as our paths part, that I couldnt have hand picked a better set of individuals to grow and learn with; and that, i thank you for.

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